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We look forward to welcoming you to Thrumster Game & Countryside Fair

on Saturday 11th August 11am-4pm.


Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you may have.



Thrumster Game and Countryside Fair


Thrumster Game Fair last took place in Summer 2001.  It had been a very successful event in Caithness in Northern Scotland, attracting visitors from near and far.  Local and National pressures at the time meant it could not continue.


Now in 2018, we feel that it is a perfect time to relaunch this event.  Bringing shooting & fishing competitions, other countryside pursuits, local food and drink producers, and some history of the countryside ways and traditions to the public - both those involved in these pursuits and those with an interest in the countryside.


There will be competitions, demonstrations, tastings, shopping and entertainment on the day. 


We have also decided to bring back the almost forgotten Thrumster Cattle show.  This event was first held in August 1934 for the tenants of the estate to showcase their livestock.  We feel that by incorporating this into the Game Fair to bring you a Game and Countryside Fair we will provide an unique and exciting event that will complement the other fabulous events that Caithness and Sutherland showcases throughout the year.



If you would like information on the competitions we are running please sign up here to be notified when the schedule is published.


If you would like to exhibit at the Fair please sign up here and we will send you information.


We also will have advertising and sponsorship opportunities for information on this when it is ready sign up here

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Address: Thrumster House, Thrumster, Wick, Caithness KW1 5TX

Email: info@thrumstergamefair.com

Phone: 07834 354700

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